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The pricing mentioned on our portal is subject to change based on offers, discounts on our inventory and stock, and the prevailing market rate of medicines. The product information provided on our portal is only for suggestive use and thus we do not provide it as any form of recommendation. The pictures and posted on the product description page are for reference purposes only.

We reserve the right to cancel your order if we wish to due to some internal emergency purpose. In such cases, we will inform you via email but the customer cannot hold us liable in any way.

We also reserve the right to change the prices at our will but that will be within the maximum market prices or the maximum retail prices as printed by the manufacturer. You cannot blame us for changes or drastic movements in prices.

We also do not encourage our customers to sign up for our privilege plans. It is there for you to choose and thus you need to decide on your own whether you want more discounts or not. The privilege discounts are for subscribed to members only.

You also don’t have to necessarily give your email while buying medicines on our portal. But doing so may help you to get notifications about the latest arrivals, discounts, and offers.

Usage of drugs bought from Our Portal

GenericPainRelief does not confirm the benefits of using any drug from its portal. GenericPainRelief is a platform that allows you to buy drugs from different brands and manufacturers. We do not provide any form of recommendation or branding of pills. We are merely a seller and the decision to buy or not buy a drug lies with you.

We do not guarantee that the patient will recover from a specific disorder using medicines bought from our portal. There are hundreds of varieties of brands and within each brand again there are many doses as per the strengths of the generic ingredient. It is important to consult a doctor before taking any medication. The doctor will be able to recommend the best drug for your condition and the correct dosage.

If you choose to buy a drug from GenericPainRelief, it is important to ensure that the drug is the same as the one that has been prescribed by your doctor. You should also check the dosage to make sure that it is the same as the one that has been prescribed.

Our Security policies

We are committed to providing a secure and confidential online payment portal for our customers. We use the latest security technologies to protect your personal and financial information.

  • Your payment information is never stored on our servers. It is encrypted and transmitted directly to the payment processor.
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We understand that security is important to you, and we are committed to keeping your information safe. If you have any questions about our security policies, please contact us.

Here are some additional details about our security measures:

  • We use a secure socket layer (SSL) certificate to encrypt all communications between your browser and our servers. This means that your personal and financial information is protected from unauthorized access.
  • We have a team of security experts who are constantly monitoring our systems for potential threats. We also have a process in place to investigate and respond to any security incidents.
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We are committed to providing a safe and secure online shopping experience for our customers. We take security very seriously, and we are constantly working to improve our security measures.

Shipping & Delivery

After you have made an online order, our shipping and logistics team will be responsible for delivering the items to your address. If the consignee is untraceable, has shifted, or has provided an invalid address, the order will be canceled and shipped back to our logistics agency. In such cases, no refund will be processed until the customer contacts us to request a refund or to provide a new shipping address. Please note that the customer will be responsible for paying the shipping and courier charges for the second shipment.

There may be delays in delivery due to unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather conditions or problems with our delivery and logistics process. In such cases, we apologize for any inconvenience and ask that you bear with us. We cannot be held responsible for delays caused by unforeseen circumstances.

Here are some tips to help ensure that your package is delivered on time and without any problems:

  • Provide a correct and complete shipping address.
  • Make sure that your phone number is up-to-date.
  • If you are expecting a package, be sure to check your mailbox and front door regularly.
  • If you are not home when the package is delivered, the delivery person will leave a notice card. You can then contact the delivery company to arrange for a redelivery.

We appreciate your business and hope that you have a positive experience with our shipping and logistics services.

Custom Delay

  • Customs delay: Sometimes, your package may be held at the customs department of local airports or seaports.
  • Delivery delays: We cannot be held liable for any delays in delivery that occur during customs inspections.
  • Customer responsibility: Any charges, such as customs duty, imposed by the customs authority are the customer’s responsibility to pay.

Pricing Policy

  • Prices displayed on our portal are not influenced by us.
  • Discounts and offers are exclusively chosen by our management team.
  • No price negotiation is available for medicines on our portal.
  • All discounts and offers represent the maximum reduction for purchasing medicines.

Cancellation Rule

  • Package Delivery: Cancellation requests must be submitted within 7 days from the date of delivery.
  • Seal and Product Condition: If the seal is broken, the product is used, or any tampering is detected, we reserve the right to reject your cancellation request.
  • Limited Liability: We cannot be held liable or responsible for any consequences arising from cancellation requests.